Project Launch: Unveil the SPL-Token version of BOMX, marking the project's official entry into the digital space with the launch of our project website and vibrant social media channels.

Community Building: Initiate a robust community-building strategy, weaving a diverse tapestry of early adopters and enthusiasts through engaging digital platforms and interactive content.

2024 Q2

Fundraising Initiatives: Commence fundraising efforts through both private and public channels, aiming to secure essential funding for the project's ambitious roadmap and charitable endeavors.

Community Events and Airdrops: Kickstart a series of online events, contests, and airdrops designed to bolster community interaction, increase project visibility, and reward early supporters.

2024 Q3

Platform Enhancement and Integration: Implement significant updates to the BOMX platform, improving user experience, security, and seamless integration with other Solana projects, enhancing overall token utility.

Sustainability Initiatives Launch: Initiate key sustainability projects funded by the Ecosystem Fund, focusing on blockchain solutions for environmental challenges, marking BOMX's commitment to leveraging crypto for global good.

2024 Q4

DEX Listing: Ensure BOMX tokens are listed on leading decentralized exchanges, improving liquidity and making the token accessible to a broader audience.

Global Outreach and Educational Campaigns: Expand BOMX's global presence through targeted outreach programs and launch educational initiatives aimed at raising blockchain awareness, promoting digital literacy, and showcasing the project's utility and vision.

Innovative DeFi Solutions Introduction: Briefly introduce the community to upcoming innovative DeFi solutions, setting the stage for advanced financial tools that will enhance the BOMX ecosystem's utility.

Decentralized Governance Framework: Outline plans for transitioning to a DAO, engaging the community in preliminary discussions on governance, transparency, and participation in project decisions.

Special Initiatives for 2024

Ecosystem Fund Establishment: Formally establish the Ecosystem Fund to support community-led innovations and projects that align with BOMX's mission of sustainability, growth, and community welfare.

Large Community Events: Organize major online and potentially offline flagship events to strengthen community bonds, celebrate milestones, and share insights on the project's future directions.

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